What to Expect With Varicose Vein Treatment at Delaney Radiology

What to Expect With Varicose Vein Treatment at Delaney Radiology

By Aaron Kline, M.D., Interventional Radiologist

If you have leg pain and leg swelling after walking or standing for long periods of time, you may be struggling with varicose veins or spider veins. This is not just a cosmetic problem as many might assume, and it can affect both men and women, especially those 50 and older. Many vein disorders are caused by venous insufficiency which is a condition in which valves in the veins, that prevent blood from flowing in the wrong direction, do not work properly. This causes blood to pool in the veins, producing visible veins beneath the skin surface as well as swelling and discomfort. If you’re looking to get rid of spider veins or find varicose vein pain relief, there is treatment for you. Here’s a story about Beth that will let you know what to expect when you get vein treatment at Delaney Radiology. 

Beth has three adult children and just turned 59 (I mean 29, again). This year, when she blew out her birthday candles, she wished she could wear her dresses and shorts again. But over the last few years, her confidence dwindled because of her varicose and spider veins. She was fully aware there were treatment options out there, but she also knew it was outside of her budget. She thought, “Maybe next year I’ll look into it.” But for now, she would have to suffer through the leg swelling, discomfort and the constant reminder that neither she nor her legs were 29 anymore.

Her husband, Jim, knew she wanted to get her varicose veins treated, so he gave her a card with five $100 bills and a note that said, “Happy Birthday! I think you are absolutely beautiful, but I know it matters to you. So here’s money for you to take care of you and get the varicose vein treatment you want.”

Beth always trusted Delaney Radiology with her family’s care. She took her son, Ryan, there when he was 7 and thought he broke his arm after he fell off his bike. The last time Beth went to Delaney for her breast cancer screening mammogram, she saw the sign in the waiting area about The Vein Center at Delaney Radiology. She knew how friendly the people were and felt confident Delaney would take good care of her and her legs.

Beth called The Vein Center at Delaney Radiology and scheduled her appointment quickly and easily. She did not even need a referral. A week later, she walked into the same friendly and inviting atmosphere with her five $100 bills in hand to see Delaney’s vein specialists. She was surprised to learn her consultation with the doctor was free since it would be covered by her insurance. She also learned that if she needed a laser treatment for her varicose veins, her insurance would also help pay.

After a short wait, Beth met Sarah, a nice young lady who gathered her medical history and would be performing the ultrasound if needed. Beth described her varicose veins in both legs, the left one a little worse than the right. She didn’t like how her bulging veins looked, but beyond that, she had swelling and pain in her legs at night, especially after a long walk with her dog. That was enough information to warrant an ultrasound and determine if Beth had vein issues that would warrant treatment. After Sarah completed the ultrasound exam, Beth met the doctor who explained the results thoroughly. Together, they came up with a treatment plan that would be covered by Beth’s insurance and give her the legs she so wanted, along with pain relief. She couldn’t believe how easy the consultation and ultrasound were.

A couple months later, Beth’s legs were pain-free, even after long walks. And at the beach in her shorts, her legs looked better than ever. Now she was the envy of her book club as she confidently showed off her legs in her new dress she bought during her shopping spree with those $100 bills. 

Just like Beth, you don’t have to live with varicose and spider veins. There is treatment available that is covered by most insurance. Bulging veins and painful legs can be remedied. If you’re looking for varicose vein pain relief or to get rid of spider veins, please call us at (910) 332-VEIN or contact us today. We are happy to help and want to make sure you can love your legs again.

Vein treatment may include compression socks, vein laser, sclerotherapy and phlebectomy performed by our vein specialist doctors:

Brian K. Brodwater, M.D.

Steven T. Crawford, M.D.

Andy J. Hall, M.D.

Aaron D. Kline, M.D.

Menaka M. Nadar, M.D.

*Insurance coverage including co-payments, deductibles and co-insurance vary by insurance carrier and may be different than in this story.