Lung Cancer Awareness Month Ribbon

Lung Cancer Awareness

Early Detection Could Save Your Life

Are you at risk for lung cancer?

Lung cancer claims more lives than any other type of cancer in the United States, and most lung cancer deaths are directly related to cigarette smoking.

If you smoke, or have smoked for an extended length of time, you could benefit from a lung cancer screening at Delaney Radiology.

Often, symptoms of lung cancer aren’t noticeable until the disease has progressed to an advanced state. Therefore, even if you don’t show signs of lung cancer, you could benefit from our advanced screening. Screenings are vital to detect cancer in the early stages when it is most treatable.

Who should be screened?

Consider a lung cancer screening if you:

  • Are between the ages of 50 and 80 years old (insurance restrictions may apply)
  • Are a current smoker or have quit in the past 15 years
  • Have a smoking history of at least 20-30 “pack years”* (insurance restrictions may apply)

*Number of packs per day x number of years = number of pack years 

Low-dose CT screening

Delaney Radiology uses low-dose computed tomography (CT) screening for lung cancer – the procedure recommended by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. CT scanning uses X-rays and computers to produce detailed images of your lungs and can detect smaller tumors than standard X-rays. CT for lung cancer screening is quick and painless, and the radiation dose is only slightly higher than a traditional X-ray.

A board-certified radiologist interprets the screening. Results will be shared with you by your ordering physician.

Getting Started

A physician referral is required. Ask your primary care physician if you are a candidate for this screening. If so, he or she will order this test. You and your physician’s office can schedule this exam by calling Delaney Radiology at (910) 762-3882.


Your insurance may cover this screening at 100%. Contact your insurance to determine if you are eligible for coverage.


Check with your insurance company for specific coverage and elegibility requirements.