Free Breast Health Education Brought to the Region.

Delaney Brings Free Breast Health Education to the Region Through Key Collaboration

Delaney is very excited to announce that we are teaming up with the educational initiative What’s Normal? What Not? to provide the Wilmington community (and beyond) with free breast health education. Joy Wade, local certified self-breast…
What to Expect With Varicose Vein Treatment at Delaney Radiology

What to Expect With Varicose Vein Treatment at Delaney Radiology

By Aaron Kline, M.D., Interventional Radiologist If you have leg pain and leg swelling after walking or standing for long periods of time, you may be struggling with varicose veins or spider veins. This is not just a cosmetic problem as many…
Support Local Wilmington Businesses

Support Local Wilmington Businesses During Uncertain Times

The sun is shining and spring has officially sprung in the port city. As the seasons are changing, the uncertainty in the air is definitely at an all time high. Our community and local businesses need our help! Many businesses like restaurants,…
Lung Cancer Awareness Month Ribbon

Lung Cancer Awareness

Early Detection Could Save Your Life Are you at risk for lung cancer? Lung cancer claims more lives than any other type of cancer in the United States, and most lung cancer deaths are directly related to cigarette smoking. If you smoke,…
Elite Mamm

Every Woman Deserves Elite Mamm

What is EliteMamm? An in-depth approach to breast health and the best choice for your next mammogram. EliteMamm incorporates the following benefits: 3D Mammography. At Delaney, we know the importance of detecting breast cancer at its…
Family with Children at the Beach

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

The prostate is a small gland located centrally inside the male pelvis. It plays an important role in reproduction because it supplies the seminal fluid. Prostate cancer affects this gland and is the second most common cancer among males. If…
Children on the Beach

Pediatric Radiology

Radiology imaging can help save children’s lives too. Pediatric radiology is a subspecialty of radiology involving imaging exams to diagnose illnesses, injuries, and diseases of infants, children, and adolescents (ages 0-17). At Delaney Radiology,…
What is Musculoskeletal Radiology

What is Musculoskeletal Radiology?

Musculoskeletal (MSK) radiology is a subspecialty of diagnostic radiology that interprets imaging and performs image-guided procedures of the bones, joints, spine and soft tissues for both adults and pediatrics.  Did you know that the adult…
5 Things You Need to Know About UFE

What is Interventional Radiology?

Interventional radiology (IR) is a medical specialty that performs minimally invasive, image-guided procedures to treat diseases throughout the body. These treatments are often same-day procedures and result in less pain and shorter recovery…
May is Women's Month

Women’s Health Month

During the month of May, we are focusing on Women’s Health to encourage early detection and treatment of preventable diseases among females. Prevention In order for a woman to take steps to improve her health, it is important to get the…
Unconditional Love Puppy

Lower Your Radiology Costs at Delaney

A Bundle of Unconditional Love! That’s how much you could save by choosing us for your imaging needs. With more patients shouldering higher deductibles and copays, out-of-pocket healthcare costs are an increasing concern. So next time…
Get Screened and Stay-Active

June is Men’s Health Month

During the month of June, we are focusing on Men’s Health to encourage early detection and treatment of preventable diseases among males.