Shared Purpose

By blending our collective talents, we strive to serve and educate our patients with compassionate and dedicated care, always seeing each of them as an individual: every test, every person, every time. This is the Delaney promise.


Communication, Professionalism, Appreciation, Accountability, Accuracy, Compassion, and Dependability


  • We value proactive, open, honest, attentive two-way communication with our patients, colleagues and leadership, always keeping the patient’s needs at the forefront.
  • We listen and give careful consideration to the ideas of other team members, refraining from judgmental attitudes.
  • We encourage “team Delaney think” versus individual “department think” to minimize barriers and support a collaborative environment for all.


  • To best serve our customers, we pay attention to details, standardize processes and protocols, and take responsibility for delivering a consistent experience.
  • We are aware that our body language, eye contact, tone of voice and overall appearance represent more than ourselves and strive to maintain a sense of composure and friendliness in all interactions, no matter what is happening in our personal or professional lives.
  • We collaborate, educate and share information with colleagues so they are equipped to take responsibility for addressing customer questions.


  • We take the time to recognize and acknowledge when team members have gone above and beyond the expected, both verbally and tokens of appreciation.
  • We demonstrate appreciation for our customers – referring offices as well as patients – by thanking them for choosing Delaney as often as we can.


  • We take responsibility for doing the right thing, because it is the right thing—even when it is difficult and when “no one is looking.”
  • We maintain a focus on team goals and needs rather than our individual “job descriptions,” putting the team’s best interests ahead of our own.
  • Associates take responsibility for obtaining accurate information – getting the right information at the right time – to ensure that patients have a seamless experience.
  • We own our mistakes, and welcome feedback and constructive criticism from others with a positive attitude that fosters learning and growth.


  • Because we are trusted with a person’s most important asset – their health – accuracy and attention to detail is a must.
  • We collaborate internally, as well as with referring offices, to obtain appropriate details and documentation to ensure that our patients get the best possible care.
  • We commit to ongoing education across all departments to improve our skill sets, knowledge base and accuracy, so we can appropriately address customer questions.


  • We consistently and genuinely demonstrate that we care, so that each patient feels like the only patient.
  • We give patients our full attention, actively observing and listening so that we can understand, anticipate, and meet their needs.
  • We understand that our team members have lives outside of Delaney and we may not always know what they are dealing with. As such, we strive to be a support system for them both professionally and personally.


  • We “show up” for our patients and Delaney team members every time, always aiming to do what we are asked to do, when and how we are supposed to do it.
  • We “share the load,” taking the initiative to identify and anticipate times when our colleagues need assistance and stepping-in to help without being asked.